Welcome to CHAKURA

CHAKURA(着裸)is a good-quality lounge wear collection presented

by the Japanese-American brand Ku Ambiance,which connects Japanese art with western culture and tradition with modern design.The clothes are produced in California in limited quantities with hand printed motifs and  are hand TIE DYED which are mostly inspired by Japanese traditional art.

The luxurious Supima cotton and Organic cotton gives a pleasant and very soft feeling on your skin as if you are not wearing anything.The silhouette with #The Meditation Kimono"design concept supports your internal beauty.


The CHAKURA lounge wear collection is not only for sports activities like yoga or pilates, but is also perfect for your every relaxing moment such as spa,meditation,beach,walking or simply spending time at home.


enjoy !

日本の伝統美を西洋の文化やライフスタイルと融合し「古くても新しいもの」を提案し続けているKu Ambiance がお届けするリラックスウェアCHAKURA(着裸)。代表的拠点でもあるカリフォルニアで丁寧に小生産されているウェアは肌触りの良いコットン素材を使用し、裸に近い感覚でリラックスして着て頂けます